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This site was made to help the Ragnarok Mobile M: Eternal Love community. By showing some game info, we expect to help people to enjoy their playing time at ROM.

We don't have any relationship with Gravity, This project is just a fansite. We can't guarantee that our RO: M data will be always correct, but we will try to keep it updated as possible :)

A short story of and

Hi everyone. I'm Zaca, the admin of I'm from Brazil (so, Portuguese is my native language).

I've started to play Ragnarok a long time ago (started on 2005, and stop playing in 2007 ). I'm not a pro RO player (and I don't wanna be one), but I'm a developer who enjoys to learn new things :)

In 2017 February, I've noticed that it was a new RO game, then I found RO M: Guardians of Ethernal Love. At that time, the game was in chinese only, and the project (English unofficial translation) was in their first steps.

So, in 2017 March, I started an unofficial Portuguese translation project: In almost 2 years, there were at least 13k unique RO:M accounts that used our patch to play RO on China/Korea/SEA servers, with the game (partially) translated to Portuguese.

On 2018 December, Gravity announced that it will be (finally) released a Global ROM version, with Portuguese Official translation. So I decided to build a new project related to ROM, since the Unofficial Portuguese translation won't be needed anymore. I wish to continue helping people in their ways of playing ROM, then was born. My goal is to help people worldwide, so I adopted to use English language on this project.

In 2019 January, Gravity has launched RO M worldwide, and finnaly they released a Official Portuguese Translation with it. So I closed my unnoficial translation project, and started to focus on this site.

I hope that this project can help you to learn more and discover new things on RO: M.

See you, Adventurer!